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up and to the left

Posted in the day job by verbalcroquis on November 3, 2005

New developments are happening at work.

I currently work in a one-man department as a product development/design/production liaison/overlapping projects type person of sorts. Our designer (we only have one) just quit. (Her husband got transferred to New York, and naturally, she is going with him.) Opportunity!!!
My boss did the hard part for me. She started the conversation. I quickly pitched to her my idea of restructuring 3 positions into 2, myself taking the design position and hiring someone to take my place. She wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of training anyone–I would do it because I’d still be at the company. I strongly feel that the technical designer’s current job responsibilities can be split and incorporated into the designer’s job and my current position. Ideally, what would happen is 2 people would do what 3 people did before and give the position I’m currently in more focus.

The only thing in my way now is to see whether or not she likes my designs.

My boss is not hiring a new designer any time soon. She wants to ride out the holidays (our crunch time) without having to deal with a new hire. Our designer leaves Dec 1, and my boss going to launch “our�? restructuring plans in February. This gives me plenty of time to put together some hopefully amazing design boards at home, while slowly taking on some design projects “temporarily�? at work.

Extra tidbit: There’s a good chance I’m being sent to Vegas in January for the Fall 06 tradeshow out there (most likely West Coast Exclusive), which is so frickin’ awesome, because working a tradeshow was on the short term goals list I made for myself last month. Okay, so I’d rather go to the New York tradeshows, but you know, small steps.Keep your fingers crossed for me that all goes well. This could be the new steps in my career that I’ve been trying so hard to maneuver.


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  1. Abby said,

    Correction: You are a one-woman department.

  2. Trust Abby to be the first person to ever comment on my blog. 😛

  3. […] I would have posted this earlier today but I had a 7 HOUR merchandising and sales meeting with my team and a couple of my sales reps, STANDING UP IN HEELS ON CONCRETE, so when I got home, my brain was fried and my feet screaming at me to sit or lay down. Of course I promptly passed out when I got home and woke up only a couple of hours ago. (No, I didn’t know it was going to last 7 hours, nor did I know I’d be standing the entire time. I didn’t even know for sure my attendance would be necessary for the entire meeting.) I bring this up because today I reread my very first post, and had a “where did the time go?” moment. It seems so long ago that I so wanted this very position and now I’m here. Yes, work is hard and I have my moments where I stand in an empty bathroom stall and claw at my own hair, but I’m here and so thankful. […]

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