verbal croquis

why i do what i do

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on November 9, 2005

Fashion can be such a spoiled brat. It wants everything done yesterday and it wants the best price for it. It needs the latest, the trendiest, the most stylish. It demands perfection. And then in a few short months (if I’m lucky), it wants something different. Again.  Sometimes I wonder why the hell I’m even trying to cater to this vicious little machine.

Then I walk through my building. On my way to take some samples to my sweet and sassy trims lady, I see my cutters, craggy and wizened, peering through their thick glasses and bushy brows, sternly discussing a new marker quietly in Chinese. I pass by the big fabric rollers and the endless rolls of fabric. Twenty foot high racks full of beautiful jackets. Rows of boxes of shiny buttons and snaps and eyelets. I pause by my samplemaker.  The woman sews like a dream.  I see my presser, turning a beautiful coat over her hands and making it flawless.  My smart-alec shipping guys, stubborn as mules and yet still eager to please.  I return to my desk and there awaits me new fabric swatches and embroidery samples and my brain starts turning.

I’m stuck.  I can’t be anywhere else.  Dammit.


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