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the weekend’s outfits

Posted in events,my clothes by verbalcroquis on November 10, 2005

If you’ve read my “hello, hello? intro page, you know I’m trying to learn how to dress myself. Fifteen+ years of knowing exactly how I want others to dress, and I still can’t figure out my own style. *shrug* Some fun events are coming up and I need to figure out what to wear.

Tonight is the launch party. Crowd: pyooter geekerati and those that love them. Proposed outfit: midi-length black taffeta a-line skirt with sequined tulle overskirt (the sequins are tonal and subtle) with a simple green silk top and thin black cardigan with a hidden hook-and-eye closure. Pewter metallic leather flats. My Eva Fortune clutch (my print design).

Friday is a birthday party for a friend. Crowd: Partiers of every age and lifestyle. Proposed outfit: cute socks and high heeled mary-janes (they’re new, so I have to break them in by wearing socks). Dark jeans. I’m thinking a tee and one of my blazer style jackets. OR, my grey distressed leather jacket (from work) with jeans and my ridiculously “ugly-fabulous? adidas kicks.

Saturday is the Laughing Squid anniversary party. Crowd: local luminaries in tech and art. (My genius rockstar boyfriend, A, is guestlisted. Sorry—I love bragging about his smarts.) Proposed outfit: peach color kimono jacket with deconstructed appliqués (one of my own sewing projects). Denim mini, gold leather sandals.

Suggestions for changes in proposed outfits welcome. Pictures to come shortly.


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