verbal croquis

why san francisco?

Posted in opinions,personal by verbalcroquis on November 10, 2005

  San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

People have asked me why I moved to the Bay Area if I’m so focused on my career. Why not New York? Or London? or Paris? (Milan is out of the question, really, considering it’s losing its foothold as a truly influential fashion capital.) I’ve asked myself the same and have come to the conclusion that this is a good city to be in as a young fashion designer.

A few key things have happened in the first year of my residence in this city that show promise of things to come. First, San Francisco had its first official Fashion Week. Second, the fashion talent scouting agency, 24seven, just opened a San Francisco office. And third, Gen Art produced its first Fresh Faces competition and runway show. These three things give me hope that San Francisco is on its way to prominence in the industry. Not quite in the way of Paris or New York, but prominence nonetheless.

In today’s market, the mystique of the Parisian couture houses controlling the movement of fashion is over. People desire the wide array of what different cities, with their defining attitudes and flavors, have to offer. It’s far wiser, I believe, to not follow the pack out to New York, but to stay right where you’re happy and be “that great designer out in San Francisco” rather than “another New York newbie.”


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