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pics from last night

Posted in events,my clothes by verbalcroquis on November 12, 2005


A: You know, I read your blog and I still don’t have any idea what you’re planning on wearing.

Limbo, one of the founding snark-kings of You wore it! The, uh, a-side thing, uh black, something something uh, yeah! You look fabulous!

Gotta love them geeks.

So, thumbs up or down on the outfit? Be as harsh as you like.

the outfit

skirt detail 


4 Responses to 'pics from last night'

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  1. Eran G said,

    I’m pretty sure I said A-frame… surely i wasn’t THAT drunk? It was still early!

  2. Sure. Blame it on the alcohol. ;P

  3. Mojave66 said,

    I like it! It has kind of a “retro dressy 50’s” vibe. Not Teen Angel 50’s, more like 50’s elegant. Something Barbara Stanwyck would wear to impress the new director.

  4. amanda said,

    very nice

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