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weekend update

Posted in the day job by verbalcroquis on November 15, 2005

Sorry, no pics of the outfit.  I didn’t have time to finish the jacket so I wore my other kimono with the gold threads running through it. It made good impressions all around, so I guess I made the right choice.  I may get the hang of dressing myself after all.  Everyone kept asking me if it was “mine”.  Wish it were. I enjoy print design and have had one of my prints knocked off a number of times.  The sincerest form of flattery?  I want my royalties, dammit!

My former boss once told me (after the company went belly up and we were all out of jobs) that I should design and illustrate a few dozen prints and set up a tiny booth at the L.A. textile show and sell my prints.  I may still do that at some point. 

Where was I?  

Sunday was spent running up some flats for work.  Showed them to my boss today, as requested.  Bad idea.  She was having a horrible day so I didn’t get much feedback.   Nonetheless, she picked 7 of the 30 jackets I showed her and most of the graphics, so I guess I should be pleased.  Alas, I am not.  One of my goals is to get her to see me as a fashion designer, not a graphic designer and her liking all my logo ideas is not on the right path.  I don’t quite understand why she sees me as a graphic designer anyway.  Just because I know Illustrator and Photoshop really well?  But I can’t be too hard on her.  She really is going through some rough times.

Eh.  I’m rambling.  I promise a more scintillating post tomorrow. 


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