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to prepare for spring

Posted in opinions by verbalcroquis on November 16, 2005

I know, I know, winter is just barely here, but I thought I’d give my friends who don’t keep up with the shows a sneak preview on what to wear this spring. That way, if you happen to spot something early on, you can snag it.


anything “bohemian”, including anything encrusted with overembellishment, loud hippie prints, especially piled on with beading, big ruffles, tiered skirts, ponchos, macrame, big slouchy bags, brown, big poufy anything. anything that makes you look like any of the following: a hippie, a hippie-wannabe, a neo-hippie, a bohemian, 15 years younger, 2 inches shorter, 3 inches wider, a starving artist, either one of the Olsen twins, a Christmas tree ornament.


white! lots of white! cigarette pants (not to be confused with tapered jeans–*shudder*), tailored pieces. beige. narrower looks. ladylike looks. womanly looks. polished looks. sophisticated looks. “quiet money” looks. fashion editors are shouting about the “new minimalism”–emphasis on the “new”. do not mistake that for early nineties Calvin Klein or anytime Narciso Rodriguez. pair with sexy flats or wedges and a clutch.

More to follow. In the meantime, pick up some fun accessories with a touch of shine like metallic leather for the holidays and start working on your posture.

  Gucci bag


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  1. mynx said,

    i absolutely *heart* cigarette pants! already looking forward to spring!

  2. it’s probably cuz you miss smoking. heehee~

  3. […] The new trend in fashion is all about minimalism. The current viral meme in geek-speak is simplicity. It turns out that simplicity is the solution to whatever problem we were trying to solve before that turned out to be … well, just not that simple. And like fashion, simplicity comes in cycles. […]

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