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trying to take over the world

Posted in my work,opinions by verbalcroquis on November 16, 2005

Not to jump the gun or anything, but I see so much potential in this company I work for now, I’m practically bursting at the seams. Rather exciting, considering the first two companies I worked for were start-ups and expansion came second to staying afloat.

The company I work for is a leather outerwear company. We design and manufacture leather, suede, wool, cashmere jackets and coats, for both men and women. We also manufacture varsity jackets. There a couple of different ways I can see this company expanding, depending on what kind of reputation my boss wants to have in the industry.

First this company needs to solidify the divisions that currently exist. Both men’s and women’s lines. Seek out more buyers for the women’s division; make a real presence in the womenswear market. We have a line that’s a hipper, younger, vintage version of our main line. We should push that more. Use that as a way of drawing in a younger customer without alienating our current client base.

If we were to expand going the leather route, we can expand into either leather apparel (tops, skirts, dresses), accessories (bags, luggage, belts) or different price points (younger contemporary—Macy’s, as opposed to Neiman Marcus).

Or we could expand the outerwear route. Start incorporating more of the wool and cashmere into the line than what we offer now. We have a few linen styles. Move into worsted wools, cotton twills. Offer raincoat styles as part of our stock program. Offer more tailored looks. Move our younger line forward with denim and corduroy.

Just some ideas, nothing more. I still have to see whether my boss likes my design work or not.


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