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mary frances bags ii

Posted in people i know,personal by verbalcroquis on November 17, 2005

Meet the lady of the famous Mary Frances bag!  Her shout-out here.

Me upon bag-sighting:  oooooooh…love that bag.  who’s is it?  where’s the label?  ack!  where’s she going?  don’t go!  stop stop stop!  dammit!  lost her.
“Jae, did you see that purse?  Wasn’t it amazing?”
“Oh yeah.  Do I smell birthday present hinting?”
“Nooooooooo…I would never expect you to buy me something that pricey for my birthday.”
You know, 2 fashionistas tittering on…
Two hours later:  there she is!  must act cool…
“Hi!  I LOVE your bag…”
“Oh, thanks!
You know, 2 purse-addicts tittering on… 
And I’ve had the pleasure of Miz Kristie’s presence a few days after said incident, at the Laughing Squid anniversary party, where she was escorted (and I use that word precisely) by a not-as-fab-but-nonetheless-quite-cute clutch.
Chris, if you ever read this: your girl done good.

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  1. Miz Kristie said,

    Hilarious. Chris always asks why I keep buying purses when I use the same two almost exclusively – my basic black Coach Hamptons carryall and my basic black Coach clip clutch. Sure, those are good work horses and nice for everyday use. But every once in a while you want to don something amazing. Something that makes you float on air while it is attached to you. Something girlie. But not. Hmmm…guess I need to dust off my collection and start giving the other ‘ladies’ in my closet their 15 minutes of fame too…

  2. If you turn me into more of a bag whore than I already am, A will never forgive you. ;p

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