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Posted in advice,people i know by verbalcroquis on November 18, 2005

This post is for my friend, Mojo, who’s a fan of this blog. Just for your devoted reading, these are my tips for holiday dressing for the non-girly girl.

Pair a crisp shirt with slacks, but stay away from black and white so you’re not mistaken as one of the waiters. White with khakis, any of the aforementioned colors with charcoal or camel works. Chocolate brown is still a good option. Stay away from loud fussy prints or design details.

Putting together a tank with a shirt only buttoned in the middle with pants is also a way to add some more color. Don’t forget to buy pants in a heavier material so they hang nicely. (Heavier doesn’t necessarily mean thicker.) Spark it up with a great belt buckle that shows your personality, some nice cufflinks.

Go ahead and invest in a tunic length long sleeve top in a nice velvet; simple, pretty, not too girly. Tie a jaunty little scarf around your neck if you like.

A more casual option is to pair jeans with a tee, with any of the great thin-knit wraparound cardigans all over the market right now, with a thin-knit muffler in some fun colors.

Vests are coming back, but not the dressy kind with the silk back. To put it simply, you know those track jackets that everyone is wearing? Try a vest version with a long sleeve tee and jeans. Wear with a pair of funky kicks.

I hope you like some of the tips and thanks for reading, Mojo!


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  1. Mojave66 said,

    AWWWW!!!! You’re such a sweetie for doing this. Sniff…

    Now I’m going SHOPPING!!!

  2. Abby said,

    I hear “jaunty” is the new black!

  3. Liz said,

    Cool! This stuff works for me, too. I’m somewhere between non-girly girl and fashion-oblivious geek. Been reading avidly, but since I know so little, I have little to say.

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