verbal croquis

up and to the left iii

Posted in my work,the day job by verbalcroquis on November 30, 2005

Homework over the Thanksgiving holidays: put together some sketches for the women’s Fall 06 collection.

Grade: A- These are great! We can do without this box pleat. This one is perfect. This one is very cute, but let’s take this pocket out. Very nice, let’s put another trench flap here. Nice, but I changed my mind–let’s do only fur trim on this one. Ooh, very cute. Let’s make this one boxier and take out the princess seams. Should we put another row of pickstitch here? No, we’ll just do it according to your sketch. Very cute. Well done.

I hate the word “cute” used in a professional critique, but we’ll just gloss that over, yeah?


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  1. Mojave66 said,

    You know, you never hear the word “cute” in gynecological medicine. Just sayin’.

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