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laptop bags

Posted in people i know,recommendations by verbalcroquis on December 3, 2005

For Miz Abby:

here’s one.  and another. this one looks like a little vintage flight bag.  this is a backpack style.  this one’s got a little moc-croc action goin’ on.  this is very “english professor”.  and this has some funky monkey lining.  lookit all the pretty colors! this is a tres cute durable little backpack.  and if you feel like splurging on a briefcase, this is the way to go.


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  1. Abby said,

    Oh KYOOT! I love the one with the monkeys in the interior fabric. If Anne had a laptop, that would be the one she should get!

  2. i’m glad you like them! yes, Anne should sooo get that one just cuz.

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