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Posted in my work,personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on December 14, 2005

For me, to announce them to the world means I gotta get serious and stick to ’em. But first, let’s go over what I’ve accomplished since my last run-through of short-term goals.

  • Work a tradeshow. (Done. I’m being sent to one in Vegas in January.)
  • Get more creative projects at work. (Done.)
  • Wrap up [major work project spanning 3 months and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars] and get it out in time. (Done.)
  • Blog interesting, insightful, intelligent essays at least once a week. (Struggling with this one.)
  • Post my work online. (I’ve started…)

Goals for the next 6 months:

  • Be officially promoted to the head designer position at work.
  • Find and train a great replacement for my current position.
  • Get sent to New York on business. (A tradeshow or a shopping expedition.)
  • Design such kick-ass jackets that [#1 private label client] buys thousands.
  • Pick up some freelance work. (I’ve found that my bosses didn’t care if I freelanced, as long as it didn’t effect my performance at work and they weren’t a direct competitor (same pricepoint, similar market). This hasn’t been a problem before.)
  • Keep plugging away at #4 and 5 of above list.

Longer-term goals:

Increase current sales volume of retail division by:

  • continuing to design gorgeous jackets for men
  • working on our (currently not-fabulous) women’s line
  • creating a new specs standard and working meticulously on fit
  • paying attention to our [younger, hipper, more vintage/distressed looking] label

Increase profit margins by:

  • using up our current inventory of raw materials (we’ve got so much stock in our basement because the woman in charge of purchasing previously believed in buying lots of extra.) why buy more goods when we have plenty of great leathers, buttons, zippers, linings just waiting to be used?
  • reviewing current costsheets for leaks.

Increase sales in our private label business by introducing new products to each company to prevent them from pigeonholing us into one category.

Of course, as many of you may know, my life goal is to have my own company and for it to become successful for the long haul, but my everyday goal is to be a great designer, regardless of whose name is on the label. I don’t see my current work as something I’m doing “while I wait to find an investor” or “in the mean time”. I’m not at work to pay the bills; I really want to see this company thrive and grow. I’d love to see this company making as much as it did 10 years ago.

Wish me luck, kids.


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  1. miguel said,

    solid blog!

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