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finalfashion peeked into my head…

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on December 17, 2005

And discovered this:

C = What’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it well?
B = What’s the point of doing something if it doesn’t sell?
A = What’s the point of doing something if I have to compromise my vision?

C = A beautiful thing functions. A beautiful thing has inherent quality. Somebody cared when they made it.
B = Who cares how beautiful it is, what’s the profit? Get back to work, C, you’re costing me money.
C = But you’re not letting me do this properly!
B = It looks fine to me. Just speed it up, okay?

A = … and that’s my basic concept.
B = That’s nice, but not really what we need this season. Let’s do cowgirls!
A = *pause* You’ve got to be kidding me.
B = Cowgirls is going to be huge! Everyone’s going to be doing it.
A = That’s exactly why we should do the exact opposite.
B = No… *rolls eyes* If we capitalize on this trend, profits could be huge!
A = If we do that we’ll alienate our core customers! They’ll hate us!
B = *laughs* What do you know about that? Go draw me some cowgirls.
A = I hate you. *leaves to smoke a cigarette*

Hilarious!  And so dead on!

The whole post can be read here.


2 Responses to 'finalfashion peeked into my head…'

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  1. assaf said,

    wait, are we talking about fashion here or computers? that’s exactly why architects, coders and business don’t get along.

    funny thing is, they’ll all trying to do the same thing … self realization. they just have a different idea of how to measure it.

  2. Yes, but the point is, they all reside in my brain simultaneously. That’s what kills me. I seriously have multiple personality disorder…

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