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Posted in my work,side projects by verbalcroquis on December 18, 2005

I’ve started to put some of my work up and I’m feeling rather insecure about it. No, this is not where you jump into the comments box reassuring me that everything is beautiful. Most of this work is old–some done at school, some outside of school. At the risk of sounding like I’m trying to make excuses, I have been rather too busy to update my portfolio, meaning there really isn’t anything that I’m really proud of that’s current and showcases what I’m capable of now. I’m working on getting this promotion at work, so all of my energy is spent thinking of leather jackets for the company I work for. Once the dust has settled and a decision has been made one way or the other, I’ll pick up on the projects I’m working on now, which includes a 50-piece women’s collection directed for Spring 07.

This new project is exciting for me in that I’m finally getting a feel for “my signature look”, something I’ve never had a grasp on before. Consistently working for other people and their visions has left me little energy to really focus on streamlining my tastes and talents into a look that I can say is really mine. I’m hoping that will change soon enough.

All of this, of course, begs the question, why bother putting it up in the first place?  Archives.  To show my ability to progress into more and more mature work.  To urge myself to be a better designer by not allowing myself to hide my work and shrink from my errors.  To urge constructive criticism.  Publicizing my efforts always helps me motivate myself, for some reason.


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  1. Are you the verbal croqui posting on my blog? Hopefully you’ll consider linking to me.
    I didn’t know you did leather. I was a leather pattern maker for years! I went looking for your stuff but couldn’t find it. Care to point me in the right direction?

  2. Yes, that’s me! I’m such a fan of your blog. I will definitely post a link to it.
    My stuff can be found under the “pages” column to the right of the page.

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