verbal croquis

hey miz kristie!

Posted in love is in the air by verbalcroquis on December 21, 2005

valentino bag

How great is that bag??? Could you just die?  I could.  (Sorry–I’m having a Valley girl moment.  Six years in L.A. will do that to you.)


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  1. assaf said,

    what bag? where do you see a bag?

  2. ugh. that’s what Chris said. :p you ipod whores.

  3. Kristie said,

    Faboo – though I would also like the body to go with the bag. 🙂 I have technically been placed on a bag HOLD for 2006. Silly boy – he thinks a simple ‘please will stop me’. HA! There is always the old brings the bags in when the boy is not home trickaroo….when are we going shopping?

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