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yummy spring collections

Posted in fashion shows,opinions by verbalcroquis on December 21, 2005

Just a few yummy Spring 06 collections you guys should take a peek at.


akris spring 06 akris spring 06

Underrated. Takes some classic looks, spins them with the Spring 06 twist, creating light, gorgeous, feminine looks. Not girlie; all woman.
Viktor & Rolf.

vr spring06 vr spring06

Spring 06 was a show in reverse, with the guys taking a bow first. The clothes were upside down and askew and what not, which reminds me of a denim project I did at school. Of course, they do it a hundred times better. Fun, and still hot. Couture meets mentally-inbalanced Belgian meets Japanese street aesthetic. Gotta love it. Hate the hair, though.


kenzo kenzo

Not exactly sure if it’s the “spirit of Kenzo”, but it’s fun, eccentric, and better if you have no hips, which I don’t so I’m liking how a lot of the silhouettes will give me some hippage. Inadvertent or not, I’m glad not everyone is only designed for pear-shaped women.


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