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Posted in general by verbalcroquis on January 4, 2006

So, some odds and ends about life, as it were.

My kimonos have arrived! The first one was dissapointing, but it will be fun to tear that shit up into a new something or another. The second one is even more beautiful in real life. That one will stay intact. No way could I mess with something so pristine and beautiful. The deconstructionist streak in me isn’t *that* strong. Don’t exactly know when I’ll get a chance to wear it, though. The next party on the calendar has a lumberjack theme. (I have some interesting friends.) Makes me even more pissed that it didn’t get here in time for NYE. Oh well.


Here’s me on NYE. I loved the makeup, and it goes nicely with the very simple kimono–the other one would have overpowered it–and it’s not everyday you can go around town with a face full of vines and rhinestones.

So, after a nice, restful, funfunfun vacation (thanks, boss!), I’m back at work and damn if it doesn’t feel good. I’m not made for a life of leisure. I enjoy work and I especially enjoy the work I’m doing now–getting prepped for the tradeshows, starting new projects, brainstorming with my boss, going over the new samples from India. I’m generally happy with how the samples came out, considering my boss and I put the group together in less than 3 days. (My head designer quit with rather unfortunate timing.)

Next week I’ll be in Vegas, so I doubt I’ll be blogging much then, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say when I return, especially this will be the first I’ll be working.


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  1. Kristie said,

    No worries chica, I will plan a cocktail party solely so you can flaunt your stuff in the new kimono. And of course if we can’t make that happen quickly – just wear it for our SuperBowl party…I am sure it will look lovely next to the kegerator.

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