verbal croquis

who are you people?

Posted in people i know,personal by verbalcroquis on January 6, 2006

Now that my blog has been getting triple-digit hits all week, I’m very curious–who are you, my lovely readers?  Please introduce yourselves to me, how you got here and why you read me in the comments box.  Thanks!


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  1. andrea said,

    Actually, just started reading today. I like your fashion commentary. I found you through almost girl’s comments.

  2. pamela said,

    you appeared to me via the fabulous Manolo and the Carnival of Couture. thanks for a great read!

  3. Sharon said,

    I found you through clicking through hundreds of links, or in other words, I found you listed under “Final Fashion” and got hooked the moment I saw your designs and realized you had a weakness for kimonos. I love kimonos, but I have way too many.

  4. pamela said,

    oops, forgot the “e”. Carnivale. where i live, carnivals have no “e” on the end, and set up in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

  5. Thanks for responding, everyone!

    Sharon: thanks for reminding me to put more work up.

  6. shadow said,

    I started reading your blog today.
    I really like your Kimono’s and your makeup is quite unique!
    Keep up the great work and congrats on the triple digits.

    Dewayne Mikkelson

  7. Kristie said,

    You stalked me in a bar. Then I realized what a genius you are and am now hoping if I suck up to you enough by reading your blog and keeping on top of trends, I can talk you into developing a new wardrobe for me. As I only wear the coolest threads designed by true fashion gurus. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  8. merryman said,

    brilliant blog!

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