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outfits for vegas

Posted in my clothes,the day job by verbalcroquis on January 7, 2006

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Okay, not really.  I still need a suitcase and proper pajamas.  But my samples have been finished and shipped.  What a week. Thankfully, I’m not in the mood to vent my work woes on y’all.

Let’s focus on clothes. I gotta look professional. I don’t do that very well. That’s why I’ve always worked jobs where I can wear whatever I want. When (not if!) I run my own company, I’ll request that my employees also wear what they feel comfortable in (within reason). Why? Because I’m more productive when not restricted in a suit jacket and I’m happier when I don’t have to wake up every morning wondering what trendy and stylish outfit I can come up with for work. Anyway, not to get sidetracked here…

I can do professional when I need to. I’m just glad it’s just for 3 days. After much closet-staring, I’ve come up with:

  • day one: black trousers, black blazer, green silky cami, pewter flats, silver earrings or maybe my pale-coral cameo choker
  • day two: cream cardigan, grey pencil skirt, black flats, diamond earrings (this is the much praised outfit of last month)
  • day three: red angora cowl-neck sweater, black pencil skirt, black flats.

What do you think? Too boring? Not businessy enough? Do I need to wear hose with my skirts?  I haven’t worn hose since 1998!  Seriously.  Should I throw in a button down blouse? Should I wear a suit jacket every day? I have a couple of other colors. Our product is classic and expensive. Our jackets retail $600-$1200.  We booth next to Coach.



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  1. Sharon said,

    For day one, I think the silver earrings would be better than the choker. Day two seems perfect to me, and so does day three. If you’ve gone this long without hose, than by all means don’t ruin that record now. A suit jacket everyday would seem reasonable, especially since your product is ‘classic and expensive’. Your outfits are fine in my opinion, but bring along a non-black jacket for your cream cardigan and cowl-neck sweater if you still feel unsure (make sure it’s comfortable!). Although a button-down blouse + suit jacket = sophistication, you’ll have to switch from your flats to some pumps to match the whole office look, and it’ll probably be very uncomfortable.

  2. thanks for the feedback, Sharon. you’re right–if i’m going to be on my feet literally all day, i don’t think i can handle the pumps. my flats are quite dressy and trendy. (i save the trendiest purchases for accessories, usually)

    the saleswoman i’m going with has worked this show several times before so i’m going to take a few options and ask her, but will probably stick to my general three looks.

  3. I want a job at your company when you get it!

  4. sure!

  5. nomly said,

    thanks for the article,its great

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