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Posted in recommendations by verbalcroquis on January 9, 2006

I’m leeeeeeeeeeeeeaving, on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…

Actually, I’m back on Friday. But never fear, loyal readers, I leave you in good hands. Check out these blogs in my absence, if you don’t already. These ladies hold some of the prime positions in the “read this first” folder in my bloglines.

Final Fashion: I heart this girl. She reminds me of me a few years ago when I was finishing up my fashion degree. Ambitious, smarter than the average designer, thinks a bit differently from her classmates, has some interesting things to say. Go through her archives and check out her work: her illustrations kick some serious ass, her designs are beautiful, and she really knows her garment construction.

Almost Girl: Fashion commentary from the brain of one very smart, ambitious, observant chick recently moved to New York. I don’t always agree with what she has to say, but she’s always thought-provoking, to say the least.

Fashion Incubator: The blog of one brilliant patternmaker. If you have any interest at all in garment construction, you need to buy her book and read her blog. Some-odd years from now, when I have my own company, I’d love to hire her, even if it’s just for consultation purposes. ‘Nuff said.

Shangri Law: Shallow thoughts from the hallowed halls of Yale Law School. If I “obeyed” my father and went to Yale, I’d be writing this kind of stuff. Three smartypants ladies, writing about fashion, pop culture, and the assorted. I imagine their laptops strewn with torte law papers and bookmarks to, kinda like my high school days, when my calculus and physics notebooks were strewn with equal parts logarithms, Cartesian coordinates, and evening gown sketches. Okay, maybe not exactly equal parts. (No, they don’t write about fashion law in their blog. For that, go here and here.)

Speaking of Cartesian coordinates, (how often do you read that phrase in a fashion blog?) I’m currently reading this fascinating book called “Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea”. Sharp, witty overview of the discovery and evolution of zero and its tango with theology and astrology through the ages, complete with mathematical diagrams (visuals like graphs help me absorb info much faster). Pick it up if you have any remote interest in mathematics.

P.S. Ladies, if you disagree at all with my blips about your blogs, feel free to correct me in the comments box!


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  1. thanks for the link… um, all I disagree with is that I “really knows” my garment construction… I’m competent, not amazing. I can sew a fly zipper but have to invent my own clean finished yoke (always thinking: there *must* be a better way). So I am competent but still have a lot to learn… =)
    p.s. I heart your blog too!

  2. ugh, it just ate my previous comment!
    I just wanted to say I am competent/learning on clothes construction. I wish I could say “really know”, and some stuff I do really know… but there’s so much more I need to know yet. So I feel more comfortable with “competent”.
    p.s. I

  3. I’m easy. I give tons of free advice to people who call me on the phone so you may not need to pay anything πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the plug…did you see I added you to my sidebar?

  4. “did you see I added you to my sidebar?”
    yes i did! thanks! πŸ˜€

  5. Mojave66 said,

    You are such a closet mathy, girl. Dontcha love that book?

    (PS– down 25 lbs. Soon, soon, you will be scouring stores with me…)

  6. La Dulcinea said,

    You’ve TOTALLY got us down pat! (Although perhaps we’re not as witty as usual these weeks due to the extremely high levels of caffeine intake because of exams and all, ugh.)

    Anyway. We’ve added you and your fab blog, too! BTW, thanks for the kimono website link–it’s great!!

  7. mojo: I’m not a closet mathy! i’m totally out! Yay on the weight loss! YES, we have to go shopping.

    La Dulcinea: thanks! and i know all about the overcaffienated hysteria of finals. and thanks for the blogroll add.

  8. How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot

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