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notes on vegas

Posted in events,the day job by verbalcroquis on January 16, 2006

Things I forgot to pack:

  • heavy moisturizer and body lotion
  • comfortabler (yes, it’s a word–i just made it up) shoes
  • matches (they took 3 lighters from me at the airport!)
  • the boy (i didn’t realize a queen-sized bed was so huge until i had it all to myself.)

Day 1:  got in, got harassed/hit on by shuttle driver in front of a dozen suburbanite couples, watched tv (I don’t have one so this is a treat for me), worried too much (this was my first tradeshow), crashed.

Day 2:  got up, went to our booth to set up.  Forklift guy decided to swing by our booth oh, maybe 20 times to hit on my sales rep.  Offered us a “cruise around the convention center”.  Uh, no thanks.  Went to my favorite Vegas restaurant, only to find out my favorite ahi tuna ceviche had been dropped from the menu. My sales rep had to stop me from gouging out the manager’s taste buds, one by one.

Day 3:  the first day of the show.  This is pretty much when i got sick.  My whole body was screaming at me to lie down.  No can do, buddy.  I froze my game face on and ploughed through the day.  I seriously don’t think I’ve ever pushed the physical limits of my body that far, not even when I was “nature girl” growing up in Alaska.  (Yes, it’s true, back in my old life.)

Day 4:  some woman came into my booth.  Without any preface, she comes up to me and snaps, “Who do you private label for? [1 second pause] What, do you not talk or something?”  In that 1 second, I was completely taken aback and was trying to find a polite way to say, “Look, hobag, you couldn’t possibly order enough jackets to excuse your level of rudeness.”  Instead, I told her I was new to the company and wasn’t sure if my boss would appreciate me divulging that information. She stormed off without a word.
Throughout the convention center there were valet booths at the end of every other aisle.  The people that run these booths take things from the people walking the show and send stuff to either their rooms or direct ship them to their offices.  I had befriended the woman, Annette, working the one next our booth.  She overheard this exchange and whispered to me, “Ooooh, ain’t nobody mess wit’ my girl like that.  I’mma gonna send her shit to the wrong place.” D’oh!  I tell ya, you just can’t afford to be rude to anyone.

High point of the day:  getting the big 3000 piece custom order!  I was still feeling like crap, but I had to go to drinks with [big private label customer].   My sales rep and I entertained and boozed up the team from [big private label customer] and it totally paid off.

Day 5: last day of show.  After the show, we had to pack up the jackets, take them down to the business center and catch our flights back.  We were told we couldn’t borrow any dollies.  WTF???  How the hell were we gonna be able to take all 5 huge boxes downstairs?  The convention center is huge!

Annette to the rescue!  She found out about our predicament, “borrowed” some carts from the convention center equipment closet, grabbed a coworker, helped us pack up and schlepp everything all the way down to the business center! I gave them both my card and said if they were ever in the area, I’d get them a leather jacket “at cost.”  We got everything done in 45 minutes flat, thanks to them.

Sigh.  Great experience, great trip, other than getting insanely sick.  Back to work tomorrow.  Gotta get the linesheets done for the New York retail show.


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  1. Oh my goodness and I was thinking this week was turning out to be stressful! You are a total trooper! I hope my week turns out as well as yours does (in it’s small way)… and thanks for the little peek into the trade show world it was very interesting.

  2. The amount that I learned was worth all the miserable sniffly sneezy moments and the leers from old guys. But I’m glad I don’t have do that again for a while.

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