verbal croquis

damn you, shangri law!

Posted in people i know,rants by verbalcroquis on January 17, 2006

Ever since you’ve dubbed me on your blog as “witty SF designer” my reserves of witticisms has dried up faster than day old ham.  Bleh.


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  1. Monsieur Croquis,

    Perhaps it would help if las divas di Shangrilaw gave you a bit of the “opposite treatment”. We could describe you as “dim-witty SF designer Verbal Croquis”, je suppose. But we cannot tell a lie. You witty, Croquis. You witty!

  2. La Dulcinea said,

    You can do it. I have confidence!

    Please! Blog! I keep checking back here to see if you’ve put up another post!

    Are you still there? I don’t want to be responsible for sucking away the wittiness! Noooooo!

    Ahem. Anyway, on another note: I’m thinking about studying French this semester, too, with the little undergrads. =) We get lots of French-speaking clients in our free clinic here. It would be nice to be able to communicate without a translator.

    On the other hand, I think you idea about improving your Korean is really commendable. I spent a lot of time with extended relatives during the year I took off before law school, and it was amazing. My vote is for Korean!

  3. hahahaha~ you ladies are rad. yes, i still say “rad”.

    i’ve been swamped at work lately, but i will try to find some kernel of wit in the deep recesses of what used to be my brain.

  4. nomly said,

    thanks for the article,its great

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