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Posted in events by verbalcroquis on January 20, 2006

“Spread the word! Fashionweek is upon us! If you lovely fashion
bloggers want to help get the invites out that would be great

Here is the link to the invite:

Here is the text of the invite
State of The Fashion Union: Invitation To All Bloggers

With Fashionweek kicking off the first week of next month in New York,
Almost Girl And Fashiontribes thought it would be fun to do something
similar to my Black Friday blogging extravaganza. Except this time, in
honor of the Fall 06 shows, the theme will be “The State of the
Fashion Union.”

Because there’s such a wide variety of us blogging about fashion &
lifestyle, the theme is wide open to interpretation. Some ideas could

*       what fashion means to you
*       why fashion is important (or not)
*       your take on the shows
*       which country produces the strongest design
*       etc. etc.

We did a countdown last time, so Fashionweek blogging would begin
Friday, January 27th & countdown to Friday, Feb 3rd when NY
Fashionweek kicks off, with blogging continuing throughout the week
until the end of day on Friday, February 10th.

Lesley Scott at Fashiontribes and myself will collect all of the links
and use our blogs as a portal to the fashion content. In essence, it
will work exactly like Black Friday Blogging did! Everyone who
participated in Black Friday is again welcome to participate and I
encourage anyone who did not participate to get in on the action this
time. It is fun to see everyone’s thoughts and for a little personal
incentive it really drives traffic and readership. So please email me
Julie Fredrickson and Lesley to get in on the action so we know who is
in on the game. Also, whenever you post something new please email us
as well so we can get it up on our sites as quickly as possible.

In addition, for extra ease of use Lesley is hosting The Manolo’s
carnival the week before Fashionweek (starting January 28th) and I am
hosting it the week of Fashionweek. So if you plan on participating in
The Manolo’s carnival it is now part of our carnival effort as well!
Good timing yes?”


Alright, you heard the girl.  Bust a move!


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