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knock-off knock-out summit

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on January 26, 2006

From Fashion Week Daily:

Harper’s Bazaar is working to bring down the $500 billion a year designer counterfeit industry. On February 1, the magazine is partnering with Kirkland & Ellis LLP, to co-host the second-annual Anti-Counterfeiting Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the Time Warner Center. International luxury company executives, intellectual-property and trademark attorneys, and other industry professionals are invited to the sit-down luncheon, which will feature a seminar called “Keep it Real: Protect your Brand’s Integrity? with trademark attorneys speaking on when and how to stop fakes, and what tools are available to safeguard brand identity from counterfeiters. Keynote speaker Mayor Michael Bloomberg will discuss New York City’s $23 billion counterfeit industry, followed by a panel discussion featuring Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon, general manager of  Louis Vuitton and president of Berluti. Not only does counterfeiting result in fiscal losses for brands, but it can also be linked to child labor, money laundering, and terrorism.”

If any of y’all find updates to this summit, please let me know.  Thanks!


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  1. Bridget said,

    Dear Harper’s Bazaar

    My name is Brigitt Albers a student of the Design Acadmy Eindhoven
    I’m also verry interrested in this subject.
    My work is attention innocent people of getting guilty.

    ”The public needs to know that when they buy a counterfeit purse at a house party or on the street, their dollars are ultimately helping to finance large-scale counterfeiting organizations,”

    I’m aganst copy.

    some research I found:

    Good luck with your research. I would like to hear some other updates you have found.

    Kind regards,
    Brigitt Albers

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