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Posted in personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on January 26, 2006

I’m not a fashion journalist, my dears, I’m a designer.  If you want reviews on the shows, go visit any of the amazing blogs on my blogroll and you will find them.  I of course have my own views on the shows (I never thought I’d see a Chanel collection I liked again, but lo and behold!) but I’m very busy right now trying to conquer the world.

New about me:

I’m working on a very exciting new project.  Stay tuned.

I *may* be going to Boston in March for a muy importante meeting with some buyers.  Cross your fingers for me!

February is just around the corner.  Time for contract negotiations!  Will our fearless heroine be getting her promotion?  Here’s hoping!  sigh.
My hated coworker has turned a new leaf the past few days and is actually being helpful!  I’m totally digging this!  Yay!

Because of the impending project, I *may* be blogging a wee bit less.  Do not fear!  I will not abandon you, my (loyal?) readers!  Or something to that effect.


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  1. geekigirl said,

    Good Luck!!

  2. mynx said,

    good luck!




    i await your next post with baited breath.

  3. aw… we’ll miss you during the State of the Fashion Union 😦
    But fear not, this loyal reader will come back. I can’t wait til you conquer the world!

  4. thanks, guys. you make it sound like i’m dropping blogging. i’m not!

    i’ll still be participating in the state of the fashion union and the subsequent carnivales–i’ll just be posting less of the smaller stuff. 🙂

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