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Posted in events,the day job by verbalcroquis on January 26, 2006

wow.  almost anti-climatic.

i’m now head designer.  my boss is so random.

salary and design team restructuring to follow after tradeshow in Chicago in February.

but the job is mine.

bust out the champagne!


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  1. assaf said,

    Rock star!

  2. Aaron h said,

    KICK ASS! You rule!

  3. yayyyy! I’m so happy for you.

  4. Abby said,


  5. mynx said,


  6. Smoooochie said,

    haha! You SO deserve it. Congrats!

  7. […] Now head designer of her company! […]

  8. kristin said,

    You HOT SHOT, you!

  9. Mojave66 said,

    Now you’ve GOT to throw that party, In YOUR OWN honor!!! That is GREAT!!!

  10. anna said,


  11. Frisbee Girl said,

    Excellent and congratulations!

  12. La Dulcinea said,

    WOW, how exciting! That is really fantastic! Congratulations!! (Maybe hard work does pay off, eh?)

  13. freddie said,

    you go princess…….congratulations………

  14. Jae said,


    I am SO proud of you. Don’t forget the little people when you are famous and can I get a FRONT ROW seat at your fashion show?

  15. henri-v said,

    Sweet! : >

  16. thanks, guys! you like me, you really like me! *snort*

  17. G said,

    I knew it! Congrats cuz, you deserve it!

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