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Posted in events,personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on February 9, 2006

is not a good day.

I never blog while at work, but I just can’t focus on anything right now.

One of the three heads of the company I work for just passed away last night.  We’ve been expecting it for a while now.  Cancer.  Off and on for three years now. 

We will be closing tomorrow.  Everyone at the office has been making phone calls to let people know and to give them info on the services.

Everyone at the office is listless, sluggish, jittery.  The air is weird.  I didn’t work with this person at all.  I was originally hired to be her assistant, actually, but ended up running that department because she fell ill (again) right after I was hired.  (I still run that department as part of my promotion.) 

I can’t really put my finger on what mood I’m in right now but I guess it doesn’t matter.  My boss is heartbroken (the three people who run the company are two sisters and their mother; my boss is the younger daughter) and that’s what matters.  My job now is to take care of as much as I can so she doesn’t have to worry too much about what’s happening at the office.


Rest in peace.  I’m glad you’re finally free from your pain.


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  1. henri-v said,

    Oh. My sympathies to you and your co-workers. I hope the sisters can take comfort in one another. I hope you come out of the reshifting of responsibilities in one piece, too.

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