verbal croquis

some conversations to drive you mad

Posted in rants by verbalcroquis on February 24, 2006

Over 2 weeks after I send in a PO, I get an email from my vendor, saying I didn’t order up to minimum. I email her. Four hours of no response later, I call her. Leave her a voicemail saying she needed to call me back or reconsider my use for her. I don’t fuck around. This gap in communication is unacceptable to me. If I didn’t order the minimum or if there are sampling surcharges, you need to call me right away so we can clear it up. If you’re going to be late on delivery, you need to call me so I know.

So she calls me back, SCREAMING AT ME that she’s been sick and she just got back to work three days ago and still catching up.

me: I’m sorry you were sick, truly. But are you telling me there was NO ONE in the office to pop me an email requesting clarification on my P.O.?

her: No. Yes. No one took over my workload.

me: And you’re telling me NO ONE in the office bothered to let me know you were out of commission for the past two weeks?

her: Uh, apparently not.

me: So you’ve been back at work for three days and you’re just now calling me? And I fired off an email to you right after you emailed me and you’re saying you never got it?

me thinking: We give you a lot of business. You need to reconsider your tone. Now.

her: I haven’t checked my email today.

me: At all?

her: Look, the minimum is X yards per colorway, take it or leave it. I already told [my boss] that before.

me thinking: Look, if you want to sit around and use personal problems as an excuse for your poor business performance and lack of temper control, I’ll do you one better. About 3 hours after you spoke with her, her sister passed away and telling me that the minimum for this is X yards wasn’t really top priority, you twit.

me out loud: When we spoke on the phone before, you told me something else entirely. Besides, I am the contact person for this P.O., as I’ve always been the contact person for you at this company. I don’t understand why you were talking to her to begin with. I’ll email you my response in a few minutes so we have written confirmation.



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