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Carnivale sweep #1

Posted in events by verbalcroquis on February 28, 2006

I was fascinated by people’s picks, especially the overlaps. My post will have to wait for tomorrow, as I’ve been in L.A. the past weekend and am suffering from low energy levels. I mean, read this intro! You fabulous bloggers have been saying so many nice things about my wit and I sound like The Most Boring Person Ever ™ right now. Maybe it’s the rain. Maybe I should quit making excuses and get on with it.

First up, smart and witty Yalie La Dulcinea of Shangri Law toasts some of history’s finest, including her own grandfather, at her dinner party/private interviewing rooms. I hope she can stand the smell of both Elizabeth *and* Victoria in one room together. I don’t think they bathed regularly back then.

Not to play favorites, but my favorite fashion student (how could you help but like her?), the writer behind Final Fashion throws an outdoor party for an interesting mix of mostly smokers, including fellow blogger (who I also admire) Kathleen Fasanella and me! As if my ego wasn’t big enough.

Kim at I Am Pretty NYC would get overhauled from the masters (why didn’t I think of that? darnit.) and go visit Robert Plant back in 1972 (quite frankly, I’d go for Jimmy Page, myself) and have a long chat with Meryl Streep.

Over at Jack & Hill (I write like these are street addresses you could physically visit or something), the blogger puts an interesting spin on the topic and invites 3 people to dress her id, ego and superego. I’d like to see some people write responses to this particular subtopic. Maybe I’ll write one…

The best part of Carnivale is discovering new blogs. Check out The Bling Blog. I really don’t have much of an interest in jewelry, but after reading the post, I have to go sift through her archives. Her guest list is second to how funny her post is.

Brainiac blogger Counterfeit Chic invites fascinating brains like herself to her dinner. Except I don’t think Karl Lagerfeld counts. Fascinating, yes. Brainy? Hrm. Sorry to keep imposing my ideas on what would happen at dinner, but I would love to be there to see if Coco would chew the Kaiser out or not.

Designer Ella at Kiss Me Stace would invite people that has almost nothing in common from each other except for the fashion angle, and I think once the ice is broken, that combination of people would make for some nutters convo (in a good way). I can just picture Coco staring at Tyra’s and Marilyn’s tits in a jealous/condescending fit while Isaac tried to decide whose were better. I’d go to her party for the salmon. Yum.

My girl Henri-V of the Tribunal of Good Taste invites a few great under-rated stars, like Clair McCardell. Come on, you gotta love a girl who would invite Kevyn Aucoin to pluck Frida Kahlo’s unibrow. Love it! I’d sit there, hungry as a horse, just for that bit. (Sorry honey, I guess when we meet up, we won’t be doing dinner. I love me my meat! Who said they’d serve BBQ? Can you tell I haven’t had dinner yet?)

Lesley Scott, EIC of, is a girl after my own heart. Get ’em drunk! Let ’em loose! And document it all, of course. With that particular combo of people, and Francesca Sorrenti behind the camera, those would make some amazing pictures.

Notes: feel free to leave scathing, nasty comments if I forgot to post your entry. I will rectify immediately. I know there are some of you who have lives and haven’t gotten around to posting yet. No worries, I’ll do another sweep later this week. If you’re one of those lazy bums people with lives, please email me at verbalcroquis at gmail dot com by Wednesday morning, Pacific Standard Time. Thanks!


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  1. henri-v said,

    So I won’t drag you to Millenium, dear-heart … I know we can find some place that will work for both an herbie and a carnie. ;>

  2. henri-v said,

    Eeww, that’s a VW that toted La Lohan around and one member of Wilson-Phillips. Scratch.

  3. hahahaha~
    Actually, I heard Millenium is really good and that they have a decent sommelier. (I do like veggies, I just want *some* meat with my meals most of the time.)

  4. Danielle said,

    awesome carnivale VC! I can’t wait to read your party too =)

  5. Susanna said,

    Herbie and carnie… heh heh heh.

    I, too, am the carnivorous type, hence the Rudy’s BBQ thing.

    Well done! (and by that I mean thanks for including me) (and also how I like my pork ribs prepared)

  6. tadiello said,


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