verbal croquis

Carnivale sweep #2

Posted in events by verbalcroquis on February 28, 2006

Okay, I’m lame.  I suck, and not in the good way.  Two seconds after I emailed everyone, I get 2 pings telling me I forgot them.  D’oh!

First, Rondi, who writes Begin Each Day As If It Were on Purpose, would throw a party with Pope Julius II, the man who hired Michaelangelo, and Oscar Wilde, among others.  A pope, a heathen, two rival fashion designers and the antiChrist of feminism-turned war heroine, Italian food and Rondi: what’s not to love?  I hope she has room at her house for a catfight.

Second, I can’t believe I forgot The Fashionable Kiffen, considering I even sub to her blog and read it fairly regularly.  (Did I mention I was tired and hungry?)  Her goal was to get a good representation of different eras and styles and I think she picked a great guestlist.  I’d love to have just one hour with Catherine de’Medici.  Okay, a week, to answer all my burning questions.

Thanks for understanding, ladies.  Keep the posts coming!


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