verbal croquis

Carnivale sweep #3

Posted in events by verbalcroquis on March 2, 2006

Last, but not least, 2 fashionably late entries are left to post.  Thanks for everyone for participating and thanks to Manolo, of course, for hosting the actual Carnivale itself.

Barney’s Girl, one of the contributors of I Am Fashion, in my opinion, is setting up a celebrity smackdown.  First, she invites the writer of The Devil Wears Prada, and The Devil herself.  Then she invites some Hollywood Pretty People ™, who I’m sure will be fighting to be in the spotlight themselves.  Hilarity will ensue, in an ironic way, I’m sure.  But maybe my 6 years in L.A. have fostered in me too much cynicism.  Either way, I hope you don’t have white carpet, BG.
I’ve never heard of Sense of Soot before, but I may have to go snooping around when I get a spare mo’.  The tag is “A hazy, lazy eye on the flotsam of art, science, and culture. A voice crying out, “Wait just a minute…””, and her post is just that.  SOS (suitable acronym, no?) reminds us what accessories were for, what they should be and bemoans fashion’s bastardization of hats.  Her guestlist is Hollywood iconography brought to life, but definitely not what you would expect.  Check it out.

Alright, kids, I’m done hosting this week.  Don’t cry, I will still be dispensing random witticisms regularly, as yes, I am regularly randomly witty.  I guess just not today.  Next up is Counterfeit Chic with the next Carnivale topic on fashion and film.


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