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Posted in home life,personal by verbalcroquis on March 10, 2006

and other sleepy ramblings.

First of all, forecastors are saying there could be a historic 1″ of snow on Twin Peaks tonight.  Okay, not helpful, since I’m across town from TP, but whatever.  That’s still rad!  I miss snow so much.  I grew up in Alaska and the biggest thing I miss about Alaska is the snow.  Making snow angels, going sledding, deciding to go skiing in the afternoon at the drop of a hat instead of planning a Tahoe weekend excursion and driving in hours of mindnumbing traffic, and just how frickin’ pretty everything looks with a good dusting.  Of course, I don’t miss carrying a broom, an ice scraper, a shovel and a gallon of antifreeze in the trunk of my car, but you win some, you lose some.  Running the snowblower in the driveway and aiming the spigot thingie at my kid siblings, chasing them around the front yard (in the snow, without a fence, you forget where the concrete ends).  Snow days!  Snow shoeing!  Dogsled racing!  The iditarod!

Speaking of my past, I worked 11 years as an English tutor.  Bet you couldn’t tell from the grammatical nightmares that pass off as my blog posts.  Heh.  In college, I worked as the head peer tutor for the liberal arts department at my school.  Being the head tutor meant I got the doozies.  Essays that read like doubly regurgitated Babelfish translations with a sprig of mint to mask the odor.  (Yeah, that’s a dependant clause parading around as a complete sentence. Feh.)  I reworked fine arts senior theses into thoughtful, structured prose on Marxist literature’s effect on post modern art, costume history papers into insightful treatises on the differences between “naked” and “nude” and how that has shaped modern fashion.  I’ve made students cry with my bluntness and red pen marks.
Now I think karma has come to bite me in my flat asian butt, big time.  I’m stuck.  I’m trying to write a “blurb” to describe a project I’m working on.  (Ack!  A preposition at the end of the sentence!  I guess I can’t wear that “Grammar Guru” badge anymore.)

I know all the components it needs:  concise, descriptive, memorable, easy to understand.  What I need now are oh, the verbs and nouns and adjectives.  Some conjunctions and adverbs wouldn’t hurt.  Toss in some proper semicolon use for an intellectual effect.  Whatever.  It’s midnight and I haven’t had any caffeine today and my already chinky eyes look like bound buttonholes.  Good night.

P.S.  The boy and I were making dinner today, talking about social events on our calendars.

Me:  So T is hosting drinks for the ides of March.

Him:  So when is March 15?

Poor baby’s pretty overworked lately too.


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