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Posted in recommendations by verbalcroquis on March 13, 2006

Tribunal of Good Taste–“smackdown: vanity and popular culture vs. ethical consumption.” A mishmash of random goodies covering all different aspects of fashion including reviews of shows, her personal style, and the such.  Mostly I read her blog cuz I think she’s rad.  Yes, I say words like “rad”.  And she sells her jewelry, which are also rad.
Fashion Addict Diary–random tidbits of fashion news and gossip.  I like her dry sense of humor and sarcasm.  Most posts are accompanied by interesting photos, something I’m horrible at doing.
Give me spirit fingers dammit!!!–for my daily dose of laughing-til-my-sides-ache.


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  1. henri-v said,

    Thanks for the pimping, man. You’re dang kewl yo-self! How’s that for *Generation Oblivion* grammar?

    (giving you the virtual “rock on” hand sign.)

  2. you mean ” lml ” ?

  3. henri-v said,

    huh – didn’t know there was a text-y thing for it …

  4. some people like ” \m/ ” better too. ahem. my boyfriend is a computer geek, remember? a cool one, but still at core, a geek.

  5. assaf said,

    how did I enter this conversation?

    I text, I don’t txt. well, mostly I don’t txt.

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