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i think i’m going to be sick

Posted in my work,the day job by verbalcroquis on March 15, 2006

Right now, as we speak, my boss is on a flight out to the east coast for our annual Biggest Buyer Meeting Ever ™.  The money made from these people’s orders pay everyone’s salaries here and then some.  They say “jump”, we say “who, what, when, where, how high, how long”.  It’s sick, but that’s the harsh reality of this biz.

So why is my stomach in knots?  Cuz I designed the bulk of this group.  Cuz this was my first project as head designer.  Cuz my boss’s sister died during the design phase and therefore, my boss left me alone.  Cuz my contact OverThere was incredibly fickle.  Cuz there was so much going on during that time, I got really frustrated, locked myself up in my office, flipped the bird at everyone who was driving me crazy, pulled some crap together and sent the sketches to my samplemaker.

Nonetheless, I could make a million excuses, but it doesn’t matter.  Designers never get to work under their absolute ideal conditions.  What separates the pros from the amateurs is how we struggle and thrive to create something amazing under the less-than-ideal conditions called Life.

The meeting is tomorrow.  A friend came over last night and saw the half-finished project I’m working on (separate from my day job) and I’m afraid she was underwhelmed.  Insecurities suck.


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  1. henri-v said,

    Awww, man. I’m sorry. You got it done, though, you got it done. Things could have gone wobblier, but you pulled it together. Get your life cheerleaders in a squad so they can salute you … you need to hear that you done good.

    And keep working to prove your underwhelmed friend misjudged your project!

  2. thanks, honey. i’m just really antsy in anticipation for the orders, or possibly lack thereof. i think i just need to take a break from the job-home-work-eat-worksomemore-sleep-wakeup-job cycle for a bit. tonight is my girl M, me, blankets, cigarettes, and movies.

  3. Andy said,

    I’m sure you would’ve done way better than you may think… and it’s all cos of insecurity. My fashion designer friend Lol recently posted on how blogging helps her overcome insecurity and fear… it’s an excellent post, check it out at

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