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sparkle part deux

Posted in events,my work,side projects by verbalcroquis on March 24, 2006

As a designer, one of my favorite ways of working is to take a common design element and redevelop it in a different way.   For this project, I chose to mix the pretty princess and the edgy urbanite.  I have thrown together the bow and the chain, archetypal images from the two, translated, mutated, transmogrified into five different outfits.

From left to right:
The Deconstructed Cinderella.  Corset bodice has stylelines that resemble a geometric bow on this take for the truly modern debutante.  Flounces are replaced by drips of chains, pearls and rhinestones.  A cloud of white tulle, twinkling with rhinestones floats under layers of irregular, raw-edge ruffles.
The Boy’s Club Pant Look.  Baby rib tank adorned with a row of multilayer tied knots as bows, with scattered rhinestones, streaming down the left side with acid-mustard silk crepe chain link chunky suspender on the right side.  Wide-leg, cuffed trouser in charcoal wool pinstripe turned plaid with metallic stitches.
The Bell Dress.  Halter mini dress, full and gathered at the hem, in grey tweed with beaded acid-mustard silk crepe crisscross straps.  Front of dress is detailed with a waterfall of bows, ribbons, chains with rhinestones and pearls like a feminine, deconstructed jabot.
The Rocker Tea Party Look.  White satin scoopneck blouse is adorned with a trompe l’oeil bow “painted? on with chains and rhinestones.  Bias cargo skirt cut in grey tweed embellished with rhinestones in a chain “print?.
The Dissolving Bows Dress.  Acid-mustard 4-ply silk crepe wrap dress with bottom layer hemmed with charcoal wool metallic plaid pleats.  A row of tiny bows start at the back and climb over the shoulder and wind down the front and along the hem, gradually dissolving into ruffles.


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  1. Abby said,

    I love it. The colors are really unique. Mustard isn’t used enough. The silhouettes are cool!

  2. Hey Abby, thanks! On another note, I’m confused. Are you saying I didn’t use enough mustard in the designs or there is not enough mustard out in the stores?

  3. Asian Lep said,

    Acid-mustard sounds good…

  4. annie said,

    these are beautiful, and i love the descriptions of the designs.

  5. annie: thanks for the comment and for checking out my blog!

    Asian Lep: acid-mustard sounds good? that’s it? this is all i get from the insanely witty and snarky Asian Lep? hrm.

  6. henri-v said,

    I’m liking the baby-rib tank more and more. The chain and bow-ladder are very tactile.

  7. yeah! I love those suspenders. I really hate it when I design something I really really want–cuz I can make it myself, but I’d rather spend the energy on more designs.

  8. Woman – the The Dissolving Bows Dress might just be what I was looking to wear on my big day. We need to talk. 🙂

  9. Ooh la love the Dissolving Bows Dress. I’m printing it out and sending it to a sweatshop in China tomorrow, so me and a million of my fab friends can wear it to my next birthday party.

    You’ll see it on my photoblog soon. I’ll make sure the final physical rendering does your gorgeous sketch justice.

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