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stupidest question ever

Posted in rants by verbalcroquis on March 31, 2006

You know how your teachers used to say there's no such thing as a stupid question?  Well, they lied.  For me, the dumbest question you can ask me if "where do you get your inspiration from?".  Dood.  Do you realize how broad and meaningless that question is?  A lot of designers will start making a list of all sorts of things.  "Oh, lots of things, the sky, starving children in Africa, sari colors, Chinese embroidery, palm trees, sand dollars, Christy Turlington…"  and then they start sounding stupid and aimless because the question was stupid and aimless.  Now, if you ask me "what was the inspiration for this particular collection", then I will answer excitedly.


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  1. Susanna said,

    I think it would be ideal to give some vague and intentionally totally pretentious answer and then tangentially reference an acid trip and the worm hole. Of course, followed by, “Ya’ know?”

    Oh, wait, that’s what people do. Oops.

  2. hahahaha~

    It turns out I spoke too soon. The actual stupidest question ever is to ask someone “what do you think?” when you’re not really interested in what the other person thinks, which results in different scenarios of varying degrees of vitriole, drama, and ridiculousness.

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