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sparkle part quatre

Posted in events,my work,side projects by verbalcroquis on April 2, 2006

Cost sheet time! Ugh. Can I go pick the lint out of my belly button instead? Actually, I don't mind doing these–it appeals to the math geek part of me–but these in particular were a pain. I couldn't really figure out what to charge for the fabric treatments like the chain print done in rhinestones on tweed. I decided to add on top of the base fabric price, as if I would have a dude develop this fabric for me instead of making it part of the labor charge–which would be astronomical as a per item fee.

These would be my wholesale prices (which include my markup):

  • The deconstructed cinderella: $925
  • The tank $175
  • The trousers: $375
  • The suspenders: $125
  • The bell dress: $625
  • The trompe l'oeil blouse: $150
  • The cargo skirt: $425
  • The dissolving bows dress: $1750

Some things to consider when looking at these prices:

    • They're overseas production prices that include the cheaper labor and the expensive freight costs.
    • The special fabrics cost a lot per yard on top of the fact that the base was a very expensive lux material.
    • If I were to actually produce this line, I'd be talking to guys who could recreate my fabrics and therefore have a better idea on what the actual fabric costs would be. I'd tweak my numbers.

      Don't rule out looking at your line and doing a "perceived value analysis". Would buyers really get the fact that a silk blouse costs as much as a cotton rib tank? Or would buyers get the fact that something that obviously requires so much more labor (the tank) would only be a little more than something that doesn't (the blouse)? And would suspenders, no matter how "special" they were, sell for a 3-digit price? All questions I would seriously have to ask myself if I were to produce this line.


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      1. Yikes. So much for the the dissolving bows dress…at the rate the wedding expenses are going – looks like all I will be able to afford now is a burlap sack. Sigh.

      2. Oh, honey, like I’d try to make a profit from your wedding dress! We can make something work–at a friendlier price for you. Consider it a wedding gift and we’ll work something out. Call me.

      3. henri-v said,

        Hey VC – By about what factor would your wholesale prices increase if you had the collection produced in the States? .75? .1.25?

        My guesstimates for the price points were pretty close!

      4. I don’t think there’s an exact percentage or formula that I could put on it–there are too many factors involved.

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