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reviewing my goals

Posted in my work,the day job by verbalcroquis on April 3, 2006

Since I'm in between projects right now, both on my own and at the day job, I thought this would be a good time to review the goals I set for myself.

The short term (6 month):

  • Be officially promoted to the head designer position at work.
  • Find and train a great replacement for my current position.
  • Get sent to New York on business. (A tradeshow or a shopping expedition.)
  • Design such kick-ass jackets that [#1 private label client] buys thousands.
  • Pick up some freelance work. (I’ve found that my bosses didn’t care if I freelanced, as long as it didn’t effect my performance at work and they weren’t a direct competitor (same pricepoint, similar market). This hasn’t been a problem before.)
  • Blog interesting, insightful, intelligent essays at least once a week. (Struggling with this one.)
  • Post my work online. (I’ve started…)

All done, ahead of schedule, except for getting sent to New York. Well, the shows are in July, so maybe. And I didn't find a replacement for my old job–we restructured the team instead. We shall see. I don't know how insightfull or intelligent my blog posts have been, but I think they're less fluff than before so I'll just keep working on it. All my work isn't posted yet, but a lot more has been posted than back in December (the date of the original post). I still have more than 2 months to go.

The long term:

  • Increase current sales volume of retail division.
  • Increase profit margins.
  • Increase sales in our private label business by introducing new products to each company to prevent them from pigeonholing us into one category.

Without divulging too much about the goings-on at work, I'm pleased with my progress thus far. The sales guys have pulled in some interesting clients this year and we've been doing a pretty good job of keeping them happy. The ladies styles I did in a crazymadrush last December (which was one of my "test her to see what she's got" groups before the promotion) have been doing pretty well also. The Japanese are recovering and calling us again, interested in our Made in U.S.A. sportier stuff, Really Posh Dept. Store ™ just put in a major order, and Really Hip Cool Dept. Store ™ is interested in us again, after a few years of absence, so my boss is pretty happy these days. There's a lotlotlot of stuff going on at work, so many projects. It's pretty crazy, but in really great ways.

I was going to get all nuts on this next project, but I'm kind of in leather jacket mode right now. Gonna start putting together Spring 07 tomorrow. I've already put out the APB for new spring leathers to all my tanners and I'm expecting the swatches to come trickling in this week. Can't wait!


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  1. lolb said,

    Wow, you’re an over achiever for sure! Hope you get your trip to New York , that should make for some interesting post’s.

    You didn’t say too much about your long term plans regarding doing your own design work , is having your own label still one of your long term goals?

    I’d say you’ve posted several thoughtful, Intelligent,insightful posts ! You’re too darn hard on yourself!

  2. henri-v said,

    Industrious and goal-achieving! Makes me feel lazy and unambitious just reading about you. ;-p

    You should feel so good about the relationships you are renewing with clients from the past!!! You must be fresh and tasty if the Cool/Hip/Posh Dept. Stores want your stuff. Yay!

  3. I do still have long term goals of having my own label. I just wasn’t decisive enough with my personal goals enough to publish them.

    New goals post to follow.

  4. Danielle said,

    I love how you set out goals. I should do a goals post too. I just need to decide what they are =P

  5. Heh. It’s easier for me to define these goals because I have a full-time job. When I was freelancing, it was definitely harder for me to figure out where I was going in the short term, other than trying to explore as many different markets as possible.

  6. Liz said,

    My boss tells me I am a perfectionist. I set very high standards and expectations for my own performance…which I believe is good for financial management especially in areas of decision making. He says that being a perfectionist has some risks; that I am too hard on myself that I don’t take time to celebrate my achievements. At the same time, he thinks I can loose sight of overall picture or performance, which I ofcourse don’t agree with him. It is good to hear other peoples comments

  7. Mynxie is always berating me that I have to spend a little time to celebrate my successes before I hop on the “what next what next what could i have done better?” train. It’s a tricky balance to achieve, but you know, since we’re perfectionist overachievers, we gotta work on that too, ya know.

  8. tammy said,

    Digging into your archives a bit here, trying to catch up on all the posts, which was a crazy endeavor I also did over at fashion incubator, because of the amount of posts over there… but I filter them. and this one really caught my eye. Because I am notorious for goal setting, and mini to-do lists, but I seriously think that if I didn’t write down my goals I’d most likely forget about them. and I especially enjoy comparing my goals with others, and now that I see yours, I don’t think mine are as unrealistic or unachievable as I once thought they were.

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