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Posted in personal by verbalcroquis on April 10, 2006

So, like I said I would, I've done some mental puttering this weekend over the state of my blog. It looks like I'm sticking around. (If anything, I still have to write that post on working freelance that I promised Danielle. Sorry for the delay!)

The boy (who is pretty much the smartest, most insightful guy I know) and I discussed what I should do about my blog. Why should I blog? Why should anyone blog? What's it for? What about the blogging success stories and my unlikely chances that I'll ever be one? What the hell is a blogging success anyway? Who defines that crap?

Several rounds of sushi, a few cans of diet coke and many cigarettes later, I have decided to continue blogging. (I'm not egotistical enough to think that that's supposed to be some grand proclamation to my readers. More important to me is the way my views on blogging has shifted.)

Screw blogging success stories. I don't need them. If you haven't noticed, I'm doing just fine, working at what I do and I'm quite capable at figuring out my goals and accomplishing them. I think what it boils down to is you have to figure out what you yourself want out of your blogging and stick to that, and find the success in accomplishing what you set out to do, instead of buckling to outside measures of success like popularity, ad money, etc.

What I need is a platform to showcase my work that I can update with as little techie help as possible, as often as need be, so if the opportunity were to come up, either online or in the meatspace, I can immediately direct them to my pages column on my blog. I want to keep riding my own ass about constantly updating my portfolio and if I have a platform for it, it will be extra motivation for me.

What I want is to find people who are interested in fashion, design, style, and the industry because I love the discussions that come up in comments threads, both here and on other people's blogs.

What I want is to really tell people what it's like in this business, from a designer's point of view.

Those are what I want from my blogging experience. Up until now, I've floated along, without any real blogging goals or defined purpose, which surprises me, because I generally don't do things for very long without goals or defined purpose and thus the mental puttering.

So enough of this meta talk. While working on the major Fall 07 collection slowly and meticulously, I've got coats on the brain, so I'm thinking of putting together a little group to balance out the crazy eveningwear from my last project. Stay tuned.


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  1. Danielle said,

    Yay! I eagerly anticipate your posts. I really appreciate having your unique point of view. I’m so happy that you’ll stick around =) =) =)

  2. Rebecca said,

    I’m glad I got here in time to read this post. I have to remind myself on a regular basis what my blogging purpose is, and you have written so cleanly what yours is that it is inspirational.

    (Still hoping to get a faster computer so I can enjoy pictures more.)

  3. Rebecca said,

    I got thinking, that was a little bit of an incomplete thought … I mostly blog to meet people to talk to whose eyes won’t glaze over when I start going on about all the analytical “whys” of what to wear.

    And I’m glad to hear you’ll be showing us coats. I’ll be back 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies. I feel like I have my own cheerleading squad!

    “meet people to talk to whose eyes won’t glaze over when I start going on about all the analytical “whys” of what to wear”

    Hahahahahaha~ Love it! That’s the boy. I’m almost convinced that he pestered me about blogging just so there’d be some aspect of my work that he could engage intellligently in.

  5. vannatta said,

    exceptional blog!

  6. […] in the comments. That might seem obvious, should go without saying, but bear with me a moment. This little conversation that took place over at Verbal Croquis exemplifies the kind of treatment I have become accustomed […]

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