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fashion is so glamourous

Posted in the day job by verbalcroquis on April 11, 2006

I mean, really.  I get the best emails.  Really.  I feel like such a rockstar today.  Let me tell you, this is what being a fashion designer is all about.  Read below. 

Due to changes within *****, all departments are looking at the significant quantity of vendor non-compliance issues.   We will be putting into action our $300.00 per issue charge back policy more strictly.  Please review our vendor web site: ***** our Vendor Compliance Manual, Quality Guidelines, Measuring Manual, and Garment Label Ordering Guidelines can be found here.

We will be enforcing charge backs including, but not limited to

  • graded spec not received by due date for line goods
  • TOP not received by due date
  • spec changes without notification (care, content, country of origin, etc) for line goods
  • not using new ***** brand woven label, size tab, and care & content
  • goods arriving at DC with non-compliance issues
  • goods arriving at DC not meeting TOP contingency issues
  • goods arriving at DC without TOP approval
  • ** Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but a list of the most prevalent violations. 

    Note:  this email was accompanied by a 32 page attachment on rules. 


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    1. henri-v said,

      That seems pretty harsh, but what do I know? I would hope suppliers would comply with all of the labelling requirements and timeliness of order-filling. I thought lateness was the norm …

      What is “TOP”? total ordered purchase?

    2. You’d be surprised how lazy and/or dumb some factories can be unless we hound them relentlessly.

      TOP is Top of Production. It’s the approval sample from production, basically saying “this is how the bulk is going to look”. There’s the first sample, subsequent corrected samples if need be, and then once the corrected sample is approved, you still need to see the TOP. (Mainly to make sure they’re not cutting corners on the production after hiring a very skillful samplemaker.) It’s like with leathers, you get your swatch, your sample skins, then upon ordering the bulk, a control skin, an approval bundle and then the bulk shipment.

      Today’s fashion industry lesson was brought to you by the letter T and the number 300 fricking dollars!!!!!!!! gah!

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