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Posted in events,my clothes,personal by verbalcroquis on April 20, 2006

I've got a hefty list of things to do in preparation for New York, but all of that is manageable.  What I need help on is what to wear to the Big Event Tuesday night.  I've been in the habit of wearing one of my vintage kimonos to most big events the past few years.  I wear them with some lingerie type slip thingie, tied shut with a sash of sorts, worn with big earrings or a metal choker.  Not very geisha like at all.  

My dilemma is that now that kimono looks are trendy, do you think I'll look stupid if I wear one?  I like this one the best: 


 I also like this one, which is more subtle, with the shorter sleeves, but still pretty.

 me in kimono

And I also have an all black one, in matte silk crepe, with a orange/gold phoenix rising from the ashes motif circling the bottom half.  Those are my 3 favorite kimono.

Non-kimono options include a brown suede mid-calf length loose-fit trench coat that I can wear as a dress with 6" wedgie platforms.  (Yes, I walk great in them. One of secret talents.)

I could also do this:

 deconstructing jeans

It's a big ball skirt made from 15 pairs of jeans and a hoopskirt understructure.  (Yes, one of mine.)  The fronts are in the front, the backs in the back.  L.A. and S.F. have seen it, NYC has not.   

Or I could go real subtle and do a leather jacket/chiffon skirt number.  Or, or, or…bleh.

Make up options: 



(The boy likes to take lots of photos of me.)
Or a smoky eye with pale lip (which is my preferred regular party look) or the red eyeshadow look from above? 

The reason I'm so nervous is that I'm tragically unhip.  I am usually very outgoing and friendly, but put me in room full of skinny fashionable people and I don't know what to do with myself.  I don't have the best figure, my hair is long, fine, and likes to hold curl about as much as I like paying $3/gallon for gas.  Usually I like to dress or make up my face crazy so people will approach me about it and break the ice first.  After that, I become my usual loquacious self.

Oy.  Navigating Alaskan snowstorms and potty training 2 kids?  No problem!  (I don't have any kids–I toilet-trained my siblings.)  Dressing myself, all of a sudden I'm at a loss.

Help?  Please? 


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  1. Rebecca said,

    I think the kimono idea is fabulous. You will be you, in your own idiom, you will be comfortable. Do your favorite make-up thing, too. You will look great!

    I was just thinking today that if I had to go somewhere fashiony I would definitely have to go vintage. It’s the only way I could not feel stupid on my budget.

  2. Sarah-Jean said,

    I would go for the kimono you like best. Either the pretty one with red and yellow in it or the black crepe one you mentioned. It sounds lovely!

    And then I would go for the makeup in picture #2 the gold eyeshadow and cute little sparkles under your eyes.

    As long as you feel comfortable and fabulous, I think you’ll do fine!

    Good luck!

  3. Danielle said,

    I have to agree – the kimono/elaborate makeup combination is so VC!

  4. henri-v said,

    I like the first kimono best. I also like the hair in a pony-tail with the kissy face (last photo). You have such Cupid-bow lips! I would stick with your vintage pieces or something that you have made yourself — your individuality will give you a boost. I recommend taking a back-up outfit for the Big Event in case you want to change your mind and go in a different direction at the last minute. I’m always doing that when I travel; I realize that I want to be MORE ME or less*typically*me at inconvenient social junctures.

    And I love red/orange/sunset colors in eye-shadow. Rock out. I can do a milder copper, purple, and mauve combination, but I look like a sick bunny rabbit with a meth habit if I get to cocky with my application. You have the dark hair, eyes, and richer skintone to wear the vibrant colors, dearie, so go for it!

    Where is your local girl posse?? Muy importante! You need to have an impromptu “fashion show” of the actual outfits and get your friends to help with the decision making! Hey, when do you leave? Maybe I’ll be in SF in time to see you off. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the feedback, ladies. I think I will end up taking a couple of different kimono with me since they’re easy to pack and I’m comfortable in them. There’ll be plenty of photos, if the boy has anything to do with it.

    My local girl posse is not comprised of a lot of people who follow mainstream fashion. My fashionista friends are mainly in L.A. or spread out all over the states. They wouldn’t really understand the kimono trend issue.

    And yes, Henri, you will be here when I’m leaving for New York so you have to come over to the zoloft for a mini fashion show! I’ll make you my famous Korean spicy rice-cake stirfry.

  6. henri-v said,

    Hoo hah!

  7. Susanna said,

    Kimono + spicy makeup fo shizzle.

    Great eyebrows.

  8. Thanks! I take great pride in my eyebrows. I know it’s pretty ridiculous, but I just know that the day is not going to be right if my eyebrows come out “off”.

  9. Nadeen E.A said,

    i adooooore the tree-ish make up.
    how did you do that?
    it looks amazing!
    i also love your kimonos<3

  10. gilda said,

    the make up was fierce. what did you end up wearing…?? i love vintage kimonos. i hadn’t worn one in a long time and recently pulled out one i made for a party at patricia field’s. by the way i love that crazy-ass skirt you made of deconstructed jeans and stuff!!! i would LOVE one like that. oooh!

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