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wrapping up spring 07

Posted in personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on April 29, 2006

Lots of progress made this week. We're done designing all of spring 07, for the most part. Monday is when we have our big merchandising meeting, put everything up on boards and see if we have too much of one thing or not enough of another. Are we doing we too much washed lamb? We need another style with a shirt collar. Let's do just one more style with contrast topstitching. Do we need this style? Is this a tight-knit collection? Does it scream "Spring!"?

The big challenge is that jackets, especially leather, don't sell as well in the spring so we have to extra careful. But, we did receive some amazing superthin leathers, so we shall see. And I'm trying to persuade the team to develop some cotton jackets with leather trim. We only have 10 weeks until the New York shows, so cross your fingers.

I've got 3 hours to wrap up all the work I want to get done at home today before the boy comes home.  Today's our 2-year anniversary, so no work past 8pm.  (He's making his famous sammiches for dinner today.  Doesn't sound too grand, but my friends who have tried them can testify to my Pavlovian response to his offer to make them.) 


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  1. Julie said,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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