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coutorture ii

Posted in general by verbalcroquis on May 2, 2006

Hey kids.  I'm sure by now, you've all heard of Coutorture

Here's the way I see it.  The blogging community here in San Francisco is insane.  The ones I know are mainly high tech bloggers, like the boy.  They travel in loose packs, ping each other, track each other, go drinking together.  They have lengthy discussions in their own language about every minutiae of coding.  It's not some exclusive club, it's a community of geekerati who share the same obsessions interests.  They throw parties and talk about new technology.  They help each other find jobs.  Together, they have helped each other be a force to be reckoned with, voices to be heard alongside but separate from what the big companies will shove at you.

I see Julie and Phil trying to do similar things with the global fashion blogosphere.  Why use Coutorture?  Because right now, our numbers are fewer, we're spread further apart, we're not easy to find.  (Believe me, I try.)  If their aim is to bring the fashion blogging community closer, I'm there.


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  1. Rebecca said,

    I’m with you! I was blogging for what seemed like quite awhile before I finally stumbled onto Danielle’s blog, and through it found the rest of you (well, I haven’t “met” everybody yet, but I’m getting faster now that I’m set up on Bloglines).

    And I’m still technically retarded (envying you ladies who have your own geek, but not really).

  2. Jason said,

    I totally agree. Usually I just stumble across fashion blogs, but more recently via the links and comments from other fashion bloggers. I hope coutorture will bring us together too. Currently I am trying to get DE’s to link up with each other…so far I have one! I believe this will drive our customers to each others sites, increase the knowlege of DE’s on the web and also business. Shopping is more than going to the mall it’s also online.

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