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busy busy busy

Posted in general,side projects,the day job by verbalcroquis on May 5, 2006


So.  I've not been keeping up with Bloglines.  Why?  Because I'm at Fashion Maximum Capacity ™  right now. 

  • Been planning the catalog at work.  Looking a million male and female headshots, page layouts, styling outfits, thinking hair and makeup, meeting with photographer, printer, calling agencies.
  • Right smack in the middle of Spring 07 at work.  Now that we've put together all the spec packages for our overseas production, we're developing our domestic styles.
  • My plan is to upload my entire portfolio onto this blog before New York.  And I still have a lot of stuff to scan.  You guys still haven't seen any of my fashion graphics or the warrior brides.
  • I'm still working on designing that coat collection.  Still sketching.  Liking what I have so far.
  • Thinking of my next post for Kathleen's blog.  I'm going to meet her over the phone tonight!  Yay me!

So if you're wondering about my absence in your comment threads, fear not.  I'll be back with my witticisms (heh) soon enough.

P.S.  Thanks for all the votes on the photo submission, and extra love to the lurkers who finally commented! I submitted the "princessy" one.


4 Responses to 'busy busy busy'

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  1. Danielle said,

    Yay! The princessy one was the best!

    It’s going to be a portfolio uploading extravaganza over here too. I can’t wait to see your stuff! I am such a fan!

    See you in New York! Exclamation points!!!

  2. Smoooochie said,

    Who are you calling a lurker?

  3. D: see you in new york! woooooohoooooooo!!!

    S: fine. no extra love for you. ;P

  4. Rebecca said,

    As much as I love my life, yours does sound like an awful lot of fun!

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