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Posted in advice,personal by verbalcroquis on May 12, 2006

I have these theory called Sanity Point Allotment ™. I've been applying it to my life for almost 10 years now and it's served me well.

Basically, you're born with a certain number of sanity points and that's all you get in life. Negative experiences (horrible job, death in the family, car accidents, etc.) chip away at this total number and if you run out before your life does, you are in the red, making you insane. There are ways to gain your sanity points back, little bit by little bit, by taking vacations, doing yoga, etc. But you have to be careful about your total number of sanity points and make sure you don't use up your calculated yearly allowance.

This is why I can often be heard saying, "Okay, this is costing me too many sanity points. Over it!" Or, "This is so not worth the sanity points! Gah!"

All of this is to say that I will not be completing my coat collection before I head to New York on Monday. I'm very dissappointed in myself. I had this great concept and I got to work. And then my day job started kicking my ass. WordPress was being a brat and not making things easy for me to upload my portfolio. And then the concept for the coat collection veered completely off course, bounced off the Al-Can and headed for Italy on my mental freeway, so to speak.

My day job is always my number one priority. Always has been. That is my biggest commitment and the rest of the projects are done when I have time and energy. I can not and will not dissapoint my team by giving them second best. So, extra time and energy escaped me this time around and I am surrounded by nothing but tons of rough pencil sketches littering my desk. I knew I had to stop when the last couple of day's worth of sketches started looking "off" and a bit "forced".

In short, I decided that reserving my sanity points to relax a little at home was a better option this time around. Last night, I got a haircut, and gave myself a pedicure while watching "Tony Takitani", at Style Bubble's recommendation (oy, talk about blog envy. I love that blog.) And then I went to bed at 10pm! (Thus the early morning post.) I hadn't pampered myself like that in ages.

I'll be attacking the coat project with renewed fervor upon my return.


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  1. Danielle said,

    Why do I feel like this post was written just in time for me? Perfect concept. It’s time to recover some points. Gah =), feeling better already.

  2. mynx said,

    good on ya, sweetie. can’t wait to read news from nyc.

  3. Woman – schedule these little ‘be nice to Zoe’ times at least once a week. I know it never seems like there are enough hours in the day, but geting your batteries recharged regularly will keep your mind sharp and will ensure you don’t turn into a forgetful old lady. (ahem)

    Best of luck to you in NYC – I know you will kick ass. Call me when you get back in town.

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