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Posted in events,people i know,personal,the day job by verbalcroquis on May 13, 2006

You know that level of tired when it requires too much energy to enunciate properly?  That's me today.  Taaahhr'd.  I've been doing 2 weeks worth of work this week, for this week and next week, prepping for my absence from work.  I've actually never taken a vacation from work before.  Feels kinda weird and "slackerish".  Around 3pm today, as I was running (again) from one end of the factory to my office, I stopped abruptly because I completely blanked out on why exactly I had a button taped to my finger.  All I could think of was, "Ow.  My feet hurt.  Maybe I should sit down for a second."  That's the kind of day it was.

I'll be excited tomorrow.  Today I'm just sort of frazzled and overwhelmed.  And the party development has been a huge source of amusement for me.  It all started with me finding out that I would be in New York for the Gen Art thing.  I emailed Julie, asking if she wasn't too busy, if she wanted to meet for coffee.  She got totally crazy excited and decided to throw a big party for me.  And then the Coutorture launch party idea happened.  That girl.  I'm so hiring her to do my PR work when I have my fashion empire.

I've prepared everything at work, I've emailed everyone itemized lists for follow-up in my absence.  I'm not expecting to win.  I'm expecting to go and have a good time.  Actually, I'm not even expecting that.  I like to walk into things with very low expectations.  Not to be pessimistic, but to not allow for the major dissappointment that usually follows too much anticipation. 

One of the trip's highlights will be to see one of my big brothers, who lives in Queens.  He's not really a relative, but a guy who I've known since I was 10.  When I was 10, I met this pack of about 20 Korean kids, ages ranging from 11 to mid-20s.  They were like a family, traveling in a pack, watching out for each other.  They adopted me as the baby.  They taught me how to drive, bowl, shoot pool, hold my liquor, wow a crowd with supremely entertaining karaoke.  They took me camping, skiing, hiking, drove me around before I got a car, teased me mercilessly.  He was one of that pack.  We are all still in contact with one another, some more than others.  I haven't seen him in almost 3 years.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sleep in as much as my sometimes-insomniac self will let me, go hit some fabric stores (I need to make a new sash for my kimono), maybe try to find a purse, make sure I have all my documents in order for my INS interview on Monday (I'm applying for U.S. citizenship), catch up on my bloglines, clean the house, enjoy some downtime with the boy, hit up a friend's birthday party.  My goal is to rest up this weekend because come Monday it'll be go go go until Saturday night.

Did I mention I have a tendency to ramble when tired? 


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  1. henri-v said,

    I hope you have an indulgent, restful weekend, Zoe. I’m so excited for you and your trip to New York! I’ll catch you when you are back in town. 😉

  2. kyungmi said,

    i’m so excited for u~ like pee-in-my-pants excited~ that, and i haven’t been to new york since i was 16.. anyways, u need to let me kno of a valid e-mail address for you. and by valid, i mean an e-mail that you log onto at least once a day. by the way, i especially like the cinderalla dress and the bell dress.

  3. cindy said,

    i think you’ll like this shop blog i just found:

    how was the gen art show?

  4. Wendy said,

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend (I’m sure everyone is looking forward to hearing about it), and wish you all the best with your citizenship interview on Monday!

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