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the agony and the ecstasy

Posted in events,personal by verbalcroquis on May 15, 2006

I don't think anyone who doesn't design truly appreciates the mental and emotional strain of publishing work, the vulnerability it requires, the thick skin you attempt to heave onto yourself.  

You can do everything right, have all the components there, but if someone comes along and says your work is crap, it guts you. 

I read all these fashion and style related blogs and magazines and lot of them deal with product, picks and pans, dos and don'ts.  I don't judge these people, and there are plenty of people who I think design crap, but times like this, I feel for my fellow designers.  I empathize in their joy of a stellar collection, as well as the heartbreak of rejection and failure.
In approximately 24 hours, Gen Art will be announcing the winner of the Perrier Bubbling Under competition.  My work is probably mounted on some wall of the Hammerstein by now, ready for 1500 fashionistas of various calibers to gush or bitch, love it or scorn it. 

I am not ready for this.

I don't have a lot riding on this.  I already have a design job at a company that I think is on the precipice of major growth.  I love my life.  But nonetheless, it's gonna hurt to not win.

Tomorrow, I will probably be much more laissez-faire about all this.  It doesn't help that I'm on vacation and have too much time to think about these things.  (I was so not built for a life of leisure.  I'm going crazy and it's only day 1 of my vacation.)

I read Mary Gehlhar's The Fashion Designer Survival Guide and in it is a quote from Donna Karan that I love.  

"Never believe the good press because that means you have to believe the bad.  Be true to yourself." 

And lastly, a quote from poet Owen Meredith.  

"Genius does what it must, and Talent does what it can."

Why does these quotes stick in my brain?  I don't know.   


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  1. Imagemuse said,

    The only thing wrong with negative critique is if you let it take away your desire to create your art.

  2. Jason said,

    Just believe in yourself and enjoy that you are involved in such an event

  3. Rebecca said,

    Sometimes the quotes stuck in your brain can be comforting at stressful times. I actually believe that the reason you have them there is because you are really smart, and I’m not sure it matters that much what level of smart and talented you are or really what a bunch of people think about how smart and talented you are.

    Know that you have a global blogging community behind you. And it’s great that you love the life you have!

  4. Wendy said,

    You reminded me of a quote that sticks in my brain.

    Whatever you can do, or believe you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Goethe

    (Of course, following through, as you have done, as equally as important!)

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