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i’m back

Posted in events,general by verbalcroquis on May 22, 2006

Hi kids.  Did you miss me?

It's not yet 6am Monday morning and I'm up earlier than usual because today is Day One of the photoshoot for the catalog at work.  I'm not usually a coffee drinker, but today my body is screaming for caffeine.  We missed our flight Saturday afternoon because of major traffic jams en route to the airport, had to spend half a night at a sleazy airport motel and wake up at 4am for the next flight in to SFO.

New York was great.  The boy and I had a great time.  Overall exhaustion keeps my usual witticisms at bay at the moment, but once I have the energy, I'll be posting thank-yous, New York happenings, what's next for me in regards to Gen Art and the general aftermath of all of this. Stay tuned. 


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  1. Smoooochie said,

    Can’t wait to hear all the details. Again, congrats and welcome back!

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