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shout-outs and thanks

Posted in events,people i know by verbalcroquis on May 24, 2006

Out of fairness, I will list according to the order in which I met everyone, to the best of my recollection.

Julie of Almost Girl: Thanks so much for your Squirrel Action PR Maven ™ skills! And throwing such a great party! Your energy is limitless and truly astounding. Just call me Zonan the Barbarian, your Almost Muse.

Phil of Millionaire Socialite: Dear New Kid Brother, please swing by the zoloft so I can stuff you full of Korean BBQ and fatten you up some. And thanks again for the chair. And thank you for introducing us to the Best Coffeeshop Ever ™.

Danielle of Final Fashion: A true friend, I'm honored to be considered your peer in our adventures in this industry. Stay true to yourself and you will go as far as you want. Ray is a lucky, lucky man. Now when are you moving to SF, dammit???

Elke of The Beauty Newsletter: I'm still amazed at how beautifully you transformed me Thursday night. The boy couldn't stop gawking! I bow down to your mad skills. And hanging out with you was definitely one of the trip's highlights.

Joi of Stereoette: It's a pity you couldn't stay out with us longer! It was so great meeting you! I think you gave Danielle a celeb moment when you recognized her off the street.

Susan of Counterfeit Chic: I hate you. Apparently not only are you brainy as hell, but can sport red lipstick better than most style icons throughout history. And you're totally nice to boot. AND you've offered to kick legal ass of whoever copies my Gen Art designs. Argh!

Lesley of Fashiontribes: Lunch was so much fun! The hours seriously just whipped by. I love how you mix the high- and low-brow in one sentence. Judging from our conversation, it's no wonder you can tap into such different style tribes with equal aplomb.

Kim of I Am Pretty NYC: Your amazing makeup skills are written plainly on your beautiful face. Thanks for taking pictures at the party Thursday and thanks for much for the vicarious hugs.

If I forgot anyone, please send me hate mail. It was incredible to meet you guys. If you're ever in the Bay Area, pop me an email!

Last but not least, I'd like to thank all my readers for all your supportive emails and comments. Little ole VC is feeling very loved right now, which is helping with the overall exhaustion.

*Edit*  Stupid me forgot to thank every single one of the fashion bloggers who wrote congratulatory posts on their own blogs!  Thank you thank you thank you! 


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  1. Almost GIrl said,

    I LOVE YOU ZOE!!!!!!!! MUAH!

  2. fiftyrx3 said,

    hmmm, I do remember meeting you… twice, but I’ll abstain from the hate mail. best of luck with your designs.

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